12th March 2014

Eating cheese is one of life’s finest pleasures, regardless of location.

03rd March 2014

Following on from our last E letter, the Cheese Pavilion is a staggering 140m x 40m, this equates to over 80,000 square feet in size making it truly the Biggest Cheese Show in the World!!

Show dates are Tuesday 29th July for...

10th February 2014

Apparently, music is the food of love. This is, of course, complete nonsense: the food of love is food, and more specifically, CHEESE.

06th February 2014

Like us, you might have read an article in the Huffington Post last year discussing what your favourite cheese says about you.

04th February 2014

A German Montagnolo Affine produced by Kaserei Champignon and imported by Elite Imports Ltd has been crowned Supreme Champion at this year’s International Cheese Awards, winning the accolade ahead of more than 3,927 other competitors....

25th December 2013

A Claxstone Smooth Blue Crowned Supreme Champion at the 2013 International Cheese Awards