New changes to Retailer Classes in 2020

In 2020 the International Cheese and Dairy Awards is making changes to the entry procedure and structure for retailers. In a bid to create and enhance equal competition we are introducing a cap on entries of 3 cheeses per class for each retailer. Furthermore, all entries will be purchased and staged on site by a member of the show. 

Throughout the year the ICDAs will place greater emphasis on supporting retailers within a consumer awareness and education campaign shared on our marketing communications including social media and e-newsletter updates. Targeted messaging will aim to educate the consumer on the gravitas behind an ICDA award and therefore enable them to distinguish it on pack as a stamp of quality on an award-winning product. This in turn will generate more sales. 

In 2020 all winners will receive a follow-up marketing pack with information on how they can capitalise on their award-wins. This will cover a host of marketing activity including a guide to in-store POS activity, which will in turn reinforce our consumer awareness and education campaign. Finally, we hope to collaborate and work with retailers to feature inside in-store publications to promote the ICDAs.