2019 Supreme Champion: Bath Soft Cheese Co.

In 2019 Bath Soft Cheese Company won Supreme Champion, and we caught up with them to talk about the impact this has had. 

The Padfield family has been producing dairy for four generations, with Hugh Padfield in charge today. But it was his father Graham, who first produced their Wyfe of Bath Cheese, this year’s Supreme Champion, which is a nutty, sweet and semi-hard cheese. They are entirely organic and adopt the latest technology, contributing to animal welfare and the quality of our cheese. 

Since winning the iconic award they have integrated the logo on pack, helping create stand out from other products. 

“We integrate the award logo with our existing packaging. This lets the popularity and success of the cheese take centre stage. It also allows our retailers to share in the success by being able to boast stocking and supporting a local company that won an international award for quality and taste. It makes our cheese instantly recognisable as being the one to have.”

This has hugely benefitted the Padfield family at Park Farm, in promoting their products, and their story. 

“The award has supported the confidence our customers, retailers and wholesalers have in the quality and brand awareness of the product. It has increased the reach at international events of people who are willing to try it for the first time and reaffirmed to our existing customers that all the hard work and investment in the product has made a difference. The International Cheese and Dairy Awards are a great advocate that we are proud to be a part of. Most importantly to us, it’s convinced more people to engage with us, to visit our farm, find us and say hello at festivals and markets, and search for more about out story online.”

When asked what it meant to be the acclaimed Supreme Champion of 2019, they told us:

“To be the 2019 Supreme Champion means that our organic, eco-friendly, handmade, time intensive approach to making cheese is driving us again to the forefront of quality in the industry, quicker than we could have ever anticipated. It means that by giving our herd the best care possible, our milk the shortest journey to travel, and our cheese the time and attention of expert artisan cheesemakers we can produce a cheese worthy of Supreme Champion. It gives us confidence in our approach and helps us to invest more time and effort into what we do, and how we do it, with the continued support of our partners, customers and friends the world over.”